My name is Lo Nantermoz, and I'm currently enrolled in a Masters degree in Project Management applied to Videogames. This degree is allowing me to discover and learn the tools and methods of project management, while furthering my knowledge in the creation of videogames. Prior to this Masters degree, I completed a bachelor in Game and Level Design, and a 2 year degree in web design and multimedia. Last summer, I also had the opportunity to apply my skills in a professional setting, by working as a Localisation Tester at Electronic Arts Madrid. Over the course of 4 months, I thoroughly tested FIFA 18 on PC and the Sims 4 on PS4 and Xbox One, to ensure that the French version of those games were correctly localised.

This summer, I am doing a QA internship at Kolibree, a small company in Paris that creates connected toothbrushes, in order to people improve their brushing. It is the opportunity for me to discover another way of working, in a smaller company than last year and with more responsibilities.

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Good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS. Understanding of C#. Working knowledge of Unity and Unreal Engine 4.


3D modelisation and UV mapping in 3DSMax and Blender.
Texturing in Substance.
VFX in Unreal Engine

Game/Level Design

Several Game Design Documents written over the course of my studies.
Working knowledge of the Office and Google Suites.

QA testing

Professionnal experience in bug reporting. Experience with Devtrack, Mantis, JIRA and Hack&Plan tools.
Experience with test management softwares.